Maternity Nurses

maternity nurses1This specialist area of childcare appeals to those nannies who have some considerable experience with newborns and in particular an instinctive empathy for babies.

Without doubt, the warmest most emotional childcarer references we receive at County Nannies, relate to Maternity Nurses. First time parents in particular, are often overwhelmed with gratitude for the physical and psychological support provided by their Maternity Nurse.

If you're a parent looking for a maternity nurse, please tell us about your childcare requirements. Taking on a maternity nurse to care for your child is a big step, so we will want to speak to you in order to better understand the kind of person that will best suit you and your family.

We are always looking to add to our register of experienced Maternity Nurses. Many of our nurses work for our client families on a regular basis.

We have varied bookings ranging from the typical 5/6 day week (live-in 24 hours), to nights only. We are also getting more requests for Doulas to help out during the day, often on a part-time basis.

Whilst Maternity Nurses are self-employed, we are here to provide support for you in your booking should any problems arise. We also provide clear guidelines to our client families regarding the Maternity Nurse’s role so that both parties understand that this is a professional working relationship and the nature of your role. (Types of Childcarers –Maternity Nurses)

During your interview with us, we will go through your booking requirements; rates, and forward availability. Equally we do appreciate that these change continually due to the nature of the industry. Whilst many of our clients book 5/6 months ahead of due date, we do usually have emergencies or later bookings and will always check you availability for these.

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The simplest way to register yourself with us is by completing and submitting our Maternity Nurses Registration Form. To access this please click here.

You can also contact us by telephone; or email to make an appointment to be interviewed by us. It is essential that we meet you so that we can best assess what it is you are looking for whilst also giving you an honest and realistic opinion on options available to you.

Please bring an up to date CV; proof of identity (passport or driving licence);original certificates of qualifications gained and written references with contact telephone numbers. If you have previously been police checked please bring your Enhanced Disclosure document with you.

At interview you will be asked to complete an application form outlining details about yourself and your career background.

Once you are registered with us we will contact you with details of any jobs we feel may be of interest to you. If you wish to pursue one of our jobs we will arrange all interviews for you.


maternity nurses2Most of our clients prefer to interview prospective Maternity Nurses face to face rather than over the telephone. However given the nature of the working pattern of most nurses, i.e. often back to back bookings with one 24 hour period off, it isn't always possible to do this.

Many Maternity Nurses will have their own preferred working pattern and methodology and it is important if you hold firm views, that these be outlined to the clients at interview.

Some first time parents will have read a library full of information and have collated received ideas they want implemented. Others simply want total guidance and practical help!

Equally, experienced Nurses know that the views held by a first time parent prior to their baby's arrival, often differ once they are faced with the practical and emotional care needed once their bundle of joy has arrived!

Prior to interview we will have advised our maternity clients with regard to your weekly/night rate. Therefore there should not be a need for you to have to negotiate directly with our maternity clients regarding your terms and conditions; however if the need arises, whilst you are welcome to do this directly, County Nannies is happy to do this for you. It can sometimes be less awkward if a third party is negotiating for you.

Most of our Maternity Nurses have their own Contract of Services which they wish to use. We ask that you provide us with a template for your particular contract so we can make our clients aware of your terms and conditions.

Typically these might include whether you require a deposit. Cancellation terms? Financial terms re early/late arrival of the baby? It is essential that these points are covered to avoid any misunderstandings at a later date. See: Maternity Nurse Contracts & Paying Your Maternity Nurse


maternity nurses3Any new job needs a settling in period and this is never more true than when you are working for someone in the privacy of their own home. The nature of maternity bookings however means that both Maternity Nurse and parent are thrown together in intense emotional circumstances.

A mother employing the services of a Maternity Nurse for the first time may feel a little uncertain as to how she and the nurse work together to look after the baby. She may also feel guilty, or inadequate when handing over the baby to the nurse.

Experienced Maternity Nurses have finely honed empathetic and diplomatic skills and are used to supporting a hormonal mother and involving a keen father who wants to be included in baby's care.

However there can be times when emotions are heightened by tiredness and miscommunication can occur. Whilst we appreciate most of you will prefer to handle such situations yourself, County Nannies is always available to give confidential advice or lend a sympathetic ear.

For many Nurses, a key part of their role is reassuring a first time mother of her own childcaring capabilities and helping her to establish her relationship with the baby.

When you have been for an interview, please let us know your feedback even if you do not wish to accept the booking because it will give us a better understanding to help you find the right one.

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