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Due to the increasing numbers of Nursery Nurses registering with County Nannies we have recently decided to add Nursery recruitment to the services we provide.

Day Nurseries are amongst the fastest growing providers of childcare. For individuals who enjoy working in a team with the option for training and a career path, Nursery Nursing can be a challenging and rewarding career.

Most nurseries are either owner managed or part of larger chains. Babies are usually accepted from the age of 3 months upwards; and the room structure in nurseries is typically defined by age range with Baby; Toddler; and Pre- School rooms. Rooms are run by the Room Leader who reports to the Deputy Manager.

Day Nurseries recruit for nursery staff at all levels from unqualified/Level 2 through to Manager level 3/4.

For the newly qualified childcarer, a first job in a Nursery can provide a good start into a career in childcare. There is also the added advantage of a supportive peer group of Nursery staff to provide guidance.

At County Nannies we place equal importance on your requirements as well as those of our Nursery clients. We know from experience that the key to a good placement is to provide as much information as possible to both parties, and to communicate the primary requirements of both. 

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The simplest way to register yourself with us is by completing and submitting our Nursery Staff Registration Form.

You can also contact us by telephone; or email to make an appointment to be interviewed by us. It is essential that we meet you so that we can best assess what it is you are looking for whilst also giving you an honest and realistic opinion on options available to you.

Please bring an up to date CV; proof of identity (passport or driving licence);original certificates of qualifications gained and written references with contact telephone numbers. If you have previously been police checked please bring your Enhanced Disclosure document with you.

At interview you will be asked to complete an application form outlining details about yourself and your career background.

Once you are registered with us we will contact you with details of any jobs we feel may be of interest to you. If you wish to pursue one of our jobs we will arrange all interviews for you.

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There is no reason to be daunted by the prospect of an interview. Think of them as structured discussions about your qualifications; work experience and personal background. Try and relax when answering questions; reply truthfully and don't worry about trying to give the interviewer the answer you think they wish to hear.

Whilst you are not applying for an office job, do remember that first impressions count. A suit and briefcase are not necessary, but a smart, stylish appearance is going to give out a good message to any future employer. If you take care of yourself you will seem a more likely candidate to take good care of children.

Even if you are a recent college leaver, do bring a typed CV. Don't just list college placements - describe what your typical duties were. If you do babysitting regularly, ask the parents involved if you can give their name and number as a potential referees. Bring original documentation for any qualifications gained.

Whilst the Nursery Manager is likely to lead the interview, do remember that this meeting is also about your choice and your career. If you have not been given a tour, ask to be shown around and meet some of the staff.

Come prepared with some questions e.g. "How large is the nursery?" "How are the Rooms divided?" "Are there training opportunities?"

You need to be clear on the hours and days to be worked? Nurseries often operate shift patterns with earlier starts or later finishes.

Most Nursery employers will expect to discuss terms with you directly. However you are welcome to speak to us for advice.

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Any new job needs a settling in period and you may find that your new Nursery has different methods or way of working to your previous one.

It also takes time to fit into a groove within a team of other childcare professionals who may have been working together for some time.

Honest open working relationships usually work the best. Little things that bother you can quickly build up into bigger issues if they are not discussed.

Whilst you don't want to test the temperature of a working relationship every five minutes - either raise the issue casually at an appropriate juncture, or ask your Manager for a convenient moment to chat about it.

You are also welcome to ring County Nannies for advice on a strictly confidential basis.

When you have been for an interview, please let us know your feedback even if you are not keen on the job because it will give us a better understanding to help you find the right one.

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